Bit of a label update for you.  We’ve been very busy of late, what with Rebellion Festival and also the Second In Line / The Burnt Tapes tour last week, which was so much fun.  Cheers to those who came out to support the bands and DIY shows, especially those who picked up records from us, much appreciated.

The YouTube channel now has loads more live videos on there from the likes of Spoilers, Wonk Unit, Maid Of Ace, The Burnt Tapes, Hacksaw, Don Blake, Peng, The Kimberly Steaks, DropThis, Second In Line, Geezapunx, Layman’s Terms, The Useless Eaters and more.  Do check it out here:

Label wise, we’re looking at more releases and will hope to put together another compilation in the next few months as well.  Interested bands are more than welcome to drop us a line.  Also, sadly we kind of got our fingers burnt by a band who we’d been helping out.  They sadly screwed us over which is not cool with the DIY punk ethic.  But, we move on, we’ll grow stronger as a label…


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