VolunteersRaw Fast Hardcore punk from Bury st Edmunds!
Formed in 2003 and sticking to the D.I.Y ethic. Volunteers have released 3 albums. All with the same brutal but positive feel. 7inch splits with the likes of TV.Party, Visual Offence and Impact, and been included on various compilations. The first two albums “Doesn’t make you Punk” and “Know Yourself” are considered, by many to be modern day Hardcore classics. Their latest offering, “Ringing Ears”, is set to go the same way, with 11 tracks of slamming groves and brake neck speed hardcore tunes. Known for their frantic, energetic live sets and mental crowd reactions, and for being lovely people, Volunteers really are not to be missed. I’m sure most of you guys have seen them before, and know exactly just how much fun this is going to be….
but if you haven’t, you are honestly in for a treat!