We are pleased to confirm the next two releases on Almighty Beard Records.

ABR002 will be an 8 band split 7″ that we’re putting out in conjunction with the bands involved in the project.  Those bands are: The Burnt Tapes, Second In Line, The Tickturds, Ted DiBiase and the Million Dollar Punk Band, Greyface, DropThis, Russ Crimewave and Tindall.  We finally have the concept for the artwork and will announce it all soon.  T is working on it and also there’ll be more surprises with this one….more news as and when we have it!

ABR003 is also in the works.  We’re proud to be involved in releasing a 4 band split of amazing hardcore from South America with some other great DIY labels like Orchestrated Dystopia.  The bands are: TALACACTUS, BRIGADA KING KONG, SARCOMA DE KAPOSI and ATAQUE DE TUBARAO.  If all goes to plan this will be out at the end of April, again more news as and when we have it!  But we do know it’ll be rammed with 19 tracks!

We have also started discussions on ABR004 and ABR005… it’s going to be a busy one that’s for sure…

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